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Transition into a new way of eating!

If your like me, those nutrition guides can drive you crazy! They do seem simple enough and the recipes are quick and easy and not to pricey but that “Transition” from the way we are “used” to eating to this new “Healthier” can be a lot harder then we think and not even realize until we are actually attempting it! I have a short “Transition diet plan” That is easy to follow and will help you to gradually transition into those new better for you nutrition plans! I am offering this FREE to anyone who signs up for a FREE Team Beachbody Account with me as your coach! 

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GET WITH THE PROGRAM: The shake, the wor

GET WITH THE PROGRAM: The shake, the workouts, the eating plan!


Do you want to lose weight and get healt

Do you want to lose weight and get healthy? Maybe you already enjoy working out and eating healthy! Get paid to get fit while helping others to do the same! Own your own business as a Team Beachbody Coach, you get a 25% discount on all products, earn 25% commission on anything you sell and earn team bonus’s! Start now for as little as $39.95


My 10 Minute Trainer update

So this morning I was talking to a customer who has been doing Insanity. She said it’s tough but she loves it! Shaun T has won another fan!  Exercise can get addicting! Sometimes I really miss it. I wish I could do it like I use to. I use to do Billy Blanks  Tae Bo and Beachbody’s Turbo Jam all the time. My fibro got so bad, it makes it hard and it seems like it’s getting worse over time. I start a program and it wipes me out for days to a wk or so.

I started 10 Min trainer over a wk ago and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  IT but when I did the 10 min cardio it put me in a fibro flare that I’m still trying to recover from. It’s not the programs fault, it my stupid fibromyalgia so what I’m going to try is just do 5 mins of the cardio and the other 5 mins later in the day and see how that goes. If that is still too much then I’m just going to do 5 mins a day and increase it a little every wk. I was watching Tony Horton (P90X trainer) yesterday on a live chat and he said “if you can’t handle the whole hr or however long it is then do what you can and build up! Just show up and push play!” So that’s what I’m going to do. He said “Something is better than nothing at all and if you do something every day you will change your life!” but I tell ya some days all I want to do is nothing because I hurt so bad. It sucks!
In the meantime I try to eat as clean as I can. The diet part really isn’t that hard for me. Cleaning eating isn’t a diet. It’s a life style change. It’s something you can and should do forever! Having fibro makes  deciding what to eat easier because I have found certain foods makes my pain worse! I’m human though and I break sometimes. It’s really hard to not buy “some” junk when your kids are picky eaters. Well, one of them is. I know, they shouldn’t eat it either!  I broke down and bought some macaroni salad at Meijer the other day. They have the best and it sounded so good lol… I actually forgot that complex carbs like pasta not only make me hurt but it’s gluten and I have celiac so I paid for that times two! UGH! How can I forget that??? But I do. Sometimes it never crosses my mind until I’m in pain either fibro or stomach pain. Must be the fibro fog. I try to stick with the clean eating but grains I can’t have with having celiac. That I seem to remember. Maybe because it’s just not one of my favorite foods. Vegies and fruits I love, oats and other grains I never was a big fan anyway. It’s those foods made from it that I love, like pasta. 😦  I do eat a lot of lean protein of turkey, chicken, fish and some eggs.

(For some reason the paragraphs aren’t separating)

“Every day you do zero you get nothing. Every day you do something you can change your life! Just show up and push play every day!” ~Tony Horton 


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On Friday May 4th, I started 10 Minute Trainer. I really was just trying it to see if I could handle it. I have fibromyalgia so some of the hard core workouts like Turbo Fire I love but my body just can’t handle it. Having fibro I really have to watch and not over do it in anything I do or it wipes me out for a couple days. On Fri I did upper and lower body. It was a workout! I was really surprised with what a workout I got with it only being 10 mins but on Friday I didn’t follow the schedule so today it being the beginning of the week I started with the schedule given for this program.

Today was cardio. I have one word for this workout. WOW! I was sweating 5 minutes into it and even had to take about a 10-15 second break, twice! By the time the 10 minutes was up I was sweating and my legs were shaking like jello. lol  I can still feel where on my body that it was working me. I am so excited to see my results in 30 days! I hate working out but I think this is something I can stick with that wont wipe me out and put me in a fibro flare!

I didn’t use the band today that hooks to the door and goes around your waist so this can be done without that band but that band will give you resistance and that will really be great for when you’re getting stronger and the workout seems to be getting possibly too easy.  I always like Tony Horton but I’m really loving this guy for giving me a workout that I can not only do with my fibro (so far) but one that can be done in 10 minutes because I really hate working out! lol

Someone asked me today what is it that I eat. I basically eat a clean diet. Lots of vegetables, some fruit, lean protein of turkey, chicken or fish and for me only 3 eggs a wk due to high cholesterol. I try to drink my 64oz of water a day. That’s only 4 throw away water bottles! I eat little to no sugar. I do have 2tbsp in my morning coffee with 1tbsp of creamer. I have no dairy but maybe a pinch of shredded cheese in my salad or on a turkey burger.  I try to stay away from anything white flour because it’s bleached. No high fructose corn syrup. I eat no red meat. I no longer eat prepackaged foods and I try not to buy foods in cans anymore because BPA.  I eat fresh or frozen only unless it says natural, no preservatives of any kind. I always hate cooking but I’ve come to enjoy it better because it’s healthier and taste better!

If you are ready to make a change, tired of being over weight or even just slightly out of shape then contact me today and I can help you for FREE! You can find me on Facebook. My name is Teresa Sproles or just email me here. I’ll be glad to help you get the body you always wanted! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to commit to healthy eating and a workout program then contact me today. I will be please to be your coach and help you on your journey! If you know that you want to order the 10 Minute Trainer then that is fine too. (See picture below.) I can still be your coach for FREE! I love helping people and seeing their amazing results! Contact me today!


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